Wrinkle Repair Serum

Your trusted companion on the journey to smoother, more youthful skin.


What is it good for?

  • Fights Wrinkles & Fine Lines

  • Stimulates Cell Renewal

  • Improves Elasticity

  • Improves Skin Texture

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    Key Ingredients

    Cacay Oil

    Unrefined cacay oil carries a significant proportion of Vitamin E and approximately 75% of linoleic acid (Vitamin F), an ultimate vitamin for dehydrated and dry skin.

    Prickly Pear Extract

    Prickly pear holds a treasure with notable and skin favourable qualities. Its oil is fabulously rich in antioxidants, as it contains tocopherols.

    Wheat Germ Oil

    This oil doesn’t only help moisturising by healing dry or cracked skin, but also prevents it from scarring.

    Grape Seed Extract

    A perfect ingredient to increase cell turnover and the synthesis of collagen, grape seed helps in an elastic and healthy skin.

    Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A)

    Also known as palpitate Vitamin A, it can thicken the skin and reduce seeming wrinkles.

    Vegan, Sustainable, and Trustworthy Natural Skincare Products.

    Thoughtful skincare routine is essential as it brings you a step closer to healthy and sparking skin

    Presenting the goodness of cacay oil as a natural warrior against your stubborn wrinkles in our unique VANA Botanicals Wrinkle Repair Serum. While most trending anti-aging skincare products are harsh for the sensitive skin, we have successfully introduced this green product for your skincare regimen. Being the natural source of retinoic acid, cacay oil will stimulate collagen formation to replace the dead skin cells and reduce wrinkles. This anti-aging formula will keep your skin hydrated, resulting in giving it a fresh and healthy look.

    Our expert advice

    Acknowledge your skin as an investment, never as an expense.

    • Step 1: Use at night after freshly cleansing and toning face.
    • Step 2: Apply 2 pumps of Wrinkle Repair Serum and gently massage your face
    • Step 3: Lock the richness of this face serum with any of our natural moisturizers to get glowing and moist skin.
    • Step 4: We have introduced our anti-aging combo which includes VANA Botanicals Stem Cellular Firming Moisturizer to enhance the intensity of glow.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      PM: After cleansing, toning/misting, before moisturizer. We highly recommend using SPF in the morning when you have Wrinkle Repair Serum in your skincare regime.
      Wrinkle Repair Serum is formulated for all skin types. However, if you are new to Retinols, do a patch test before using and start with 3 times a week and increase the frequency gradually. For best anti-aging benefits use Radiance Booster in the morning and wrinkle Repair Serum in the evening. Follow with Stem Cellular Firming Moisturizer.
      We suggest using Radiance Booster in the morning and Wrinkle Repair Serum in the evening. To fight Acne/Blemishes, alternate Blemish Free Serum and Wrinkle Repair Serum in the evening for best results.
      We recommend to consult a doctor before using the product during pregnancy/breastfeeding.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Srikanth Kadire
    Highly recommend this

    It works like a charm for aging skin. I could see my skin getting better immediately after 1 week of using it. Definitely recommend this.

    This product is amazing!

    I use this product in my routine, I loved it. Thank you Spoorthi!

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