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High-Performing Ingredients From The Rain Forests

"After my second child, sleepless nights took a toll on my skin, and it got worse when I used conventional products. This is when I decided create VANA, bringing together my passion for skincare and my botanical expertise. "VANA," is the Sanskrit word for 'forest', and embodies nature's innate ability to address any skin issue. Our goal is to reinvent skincare through all-natural solutions, revealing nature's beauty through your skin.

Join me on this journey towards a healthier, more radiant skin."

Spoorthi Reddy, Founder & CEO

99% experienced softer and glowing skin

97% experienced clear and healthy skin

100% natural ingredients

Find out what Nature has in store for you

At VANA Botanicals, we want to understand your skin. Answer a few questions about your skin type and we will find the best natural ingredients that can help you reclaim your skin.
All our products are made with hand-picked ingredients sourced from the rain forests around the world to address your skin concerns and give you a healthy glowing skin. We eliminated over 2000 toxic ingredients, harmful chemicals and preservatives which make our products completely safe for you and our environment.

night time essentials

Undo all day-time damage and give your skin a chance to repair and rejuvenate

Real People, Real Results

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hear from our fans
hear from our fans

"This moisturizer is the best I’ve ever used!! It goes on super smooth and is not greasy at all. My skin feels so soft and it has prevented the typical winter dryness. I love it!"

- Victoria Bell
hear from our fans

"So amazing. This yoga mom approves!

These products are mindful and organic. They leave my skin looking more youthful, brighter , and just more VIBRANT! I love this skincare line so much."

Alana Roach
hear from our fans

"This moisturizer keeps skin hydrated for long time and gives instant freshness. Very lightweight and works wonders for sensitive skin."

Nataliya Dovgan
hear from our fans

"Loving it!

It brightens my skin with a very fresh natural glow to it."

Sami Ramage