Blemish Free Serum

A harmonious blend of nature's healers for a flawless complexion.


What is it good for?

  • Anti Bacterial Properties

  • Fights Acne

  • Fights Inflammation

  • Clears Pores

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    Key Ingredients

    Milk Thistle Oil

    Belonging to the Asteraceae family, Milk Thistle oil is a significant benefactor to the reparations of skin.

    Willow Bark Extract

    Packed with various skin-friendly elements, willow bark extract is known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties.

    Black Seed Oil

    The addition of this ingredient in products helps in reduction of acne, softness of the surface skin, and healing of the minute scratches.

    Grape Seed Extract

    A perfect ingredient to increase cell turnover and the synthesis of collagen, grape seed helps in an elastic and healthy skin.


    A form of Vitamin B3, Niacinamide is essential for skin. It has several benefits that make its presence in a skin product absolute.

    Vegan, Sustainable, and Trustworthy Natural Skincare Products.

    Thoughtful skincare routine is essential as it brings you a step closer to healthy and sparking skin

    The VANA Botanical Blemish Free Face Serum is an exquisite mix of advantageous constituents. Its moral stand is on treating the skin within every tiny detail. With agents like Milk Thistle Oil handling the detoxification and the regeneration of skin, Black Seed Oil healing the wounds caused by constant irritation, Niacinamide acting as a protector against the sun and catalyzing the growth of healthy skin cells, Willow Bark Extract provides the Salicin the product needs, and Grape Seed Extract perennially supplying Vitamins C and E. Using it religiously will result is a great improvement in the nature of your face. It’s the serum that contributes with helpers that specialize in the therapy of your already present beauty.

    Our expert advice

    A perfect self-care routine starts with a natural skincare routine

    • Step 1: Use after freshly cleansing and toning face.
    • Step 2: Apply 2 pumps of VANA Botanicals Blemish Free Serum and gently massage your face
    • Step 3: Lock the richness of this face serum with any of our natural moisturizers to get glowing and moist skin.
    • Step 4: You can also choose our Breakout Bundle and get VANA Botanicals Honey Matte Oil-Control Daily Moisturizer, which perfectly interlocks the qualities of this serum.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      PM: After cleansing, toning/misting, before moisturizer
      Our Blemish Free Serum is made for all skin types who has acne/blemishes. It is a perfect blend of plant actives that helps to reduce acne/blemishes for all skin types
      We suggest alternating Blemish Free Serum and Wrinkle Repair Serum in the evening for best results.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Love love love it! ❤️

    I’ve been using this product for a while and I can see the spots are fading out and, this is also good for acne scars. And the smell is stunning! So refreshing and calming.

    Love the bottle design and the serum.

    It's very easy to carry while traveling as well. The serum itself is very nice and I have been using it regularly now. Starting to see some results.

    Happy Customer!!

    Targets acne scars very well.

    Bye Bye dark spots

    I used it over my acne spots and have seen them fade to be a little lighter after 2 weeks of use. Will keep using it.

    Wonderful product and amazing experience!

    Amazing fragrance and texture. My skin is usually oily and sensitive. After using it for 2 weeks I can really feel the change and glow on my skin. Everyone should definitely give a try! You’ll love the bottle design too. Love Vana

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