Things you need to know about stem cells in skincare

Things you need to know about stem cells in skincare Vana Botanicals

The research of stem cells has brought new hope in the field of medicine. It starting to answer a lot of questions and offer solutions. Stem cells are cells that can modify themselves into various cell types, like muscle cells or brain cells. Under suitable conditions in a laboratory, these stem cells can be divided into daughter cells. Then these daughter cells either become new stem cells or any other type of cell. Stem cells are capable of self-renewal. 

Recently, these stem cells have started to be used in the skin-care realm. The stem cells particularly used in skincare products are Apple Stem Cells. Swiss-grown Uttwiler Spätlauber apples; these apples stayed alive and fresh for a long period of duration. Their longer life span drew the curiosity of the scientists towards them. After a copious amount of research, they found out that these swiss apple trees have the capability to heal themselves. The apples are wealthy in phytonutrients, proteins, and long-living cells.

With age, the capacity of humans to produce new stem cells decreases. As the outer layer of the skin sheds at time intervals, these stem cells need to be replenished. As their skin’s capacity reduces because of age, the skin starts to show aging signs. The apple stem cells prove to be the ultimate anti-aging discovery. 

Human stem cells can’t stay alive for as long as apple stem cells. These apple stem cells are carefully extracted. When the scientists experimented, the apple skin cells stimulated the growth of human stem cells extracted from the umbilical cord. Thankfully, the apple stem cells do not have to inject into us to work. The active apple stem cells are being added to the skincare products. These have proven to be exceptionally positive in the result of reducing the aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, and other signs of aging and skin issues. 

The apple stem cells also support the regeneration of new skin cells. They can also fix the tissue damage. Using skin care products that have stem cell technology can lead to delayed aging signs and solve a lot of skin issues.

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