Sensitive skin: The best skincare routine + the tips to care for it

Sensitive skin: The best skincare routine + the tips to care for it Vana Botanicals

Dealing with sensitive skin can be high maintenance. Looking through the whole ingredient list. Just the double amount of rules and that too sometimes doesn’t solve the problem. Sensitive skin needs exceptional attention. But why not put the endeavor to work? You are worth the effort you put in yourself. Treat your skin with love and attention.

There are numerable reasons behind sensitive skin. But following a strict skincare routine can help with speed to recovery. Sensitive skin always requires mild products. Soaps with low ph balance. Moisturizer with calming ingredients, serums with anti-bacterial properties, and the right sunscreen.

Cleansing - Always keep your skin clean. Wash your face multiple times a day. Before applying any make-up or cream, a clean canvas will avoid bacteria. For sensitive skin, choose a mild soap or face wash. Massage gently while cleaning. Cleansing can be followed by gentle and light exfoliation once a day. After cleaning, you should avoid astringents or any toner with alcohol content. Choose micellar water or rose water instead. Rosewater helps keep the ph balance of the skin in check.

Serum - Serums with anti-bacterial properties will help in solving acne issues or small irritations on the skin. In the place of serums, essential oils can also be used. Treat this stage like its medicine. Serums have a high concentration of their ingredients. This helps in healing the skin or providing it with nutrition. If you have oily skin, use serums or oils that are quick to absorb. If the skin remains too oily for long, it can result in bacteria build-up.

Moisturize - Oily, dry, or combination skin, moisturizing is requisite. It is recommended to use an organic moisturizer. Sensitive skin shan’t be treated with too many chemicals. Moisturizer with ingredients with soothing properties will be soft on sensitive skin. Moisturizing helps with keeping the skin barrier healthy and strengthens it. 

Sunscreen - Use an oil-free sunscreen. Sunscreen help avoids numerable issues. Apply it before 10 minutes of going outdoors. 

A few tips for sensitive skin

  • You can add a calming and hydrating mask to your routine. One that suits your skin. You can also fashion several home-procured masks or paste. 
  • Adding a tender massage to your face with essential oil can stimulate the skin cells to grow. It can maintain and strengthen the skin barrier. 
  • Avoid wearing multiple layers of make-up. It tends to irritate the skin and encourage bacteria build-up. 
  • Limit your time under the sun. Sun’s UV radiation can cause certain issues that are to get rid of.
  • Take a lukewarm shower, as too hot showers can cause the skin to dry and irritated. 
  • You can also opt for a fragrance-free soap, some people can be slightly allergic to fragrances without even knowing it.
  • Drink copious amounts of water. Water helps keep the skin healthy and naturally hydrated.
  • Eat healthy food. Fast food can cause the skin to break out.
  • Change your pillowcases often. Dirt on the pillowcases can lead up to an acne outbreak.
  • Make a habit of not touching your face. Our hands are not always clean. 
  • Treat your skin with caution and love, especially if it’s sensitive. Research before you buy your products and always do a patch test to check for allergies.

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