Mask acne: How to fight acne naturally?

Mask acne: How to fight acne naturally? Vana Botanicals

The pandemic has been disrupting our lives for almost two years now, and has been utmost and persistently straining. It has thrown huddles whichever way imaginable. Wearing a mask for a long duration is difficult. But it's necessary for the protection from the Covid-19. From consistently wearing masks, many people have complained about the arising acne. Dr. Dendy Engelman coined the term ‘Maskne’ for this skin issue. 

Different people are having different skin issues with masks. Some people are getting itching sensations or rashes due to the friction caused. Some people are facing inflammatory bumps, blackheads, whiteheads, or just redness due to putting on masks for longer periods of time. The reason behind these could be several. For instance, the build of bacteria due to sweating under the mask can clog pores, these bacteria get in contact with make-up, the friction caused while adjusting, the moving of the mask, material od mask can also cause allergies on the skin, or occlusion can also be the reason. People with oily or sensitive skin types are experiencing these more, as their skin is already acne or breakout-prone.  

Tips on how to avoid these skin issues are listed below.

  • Using skin products that regulate the oil production in the skin. Collection of too much oil can feel really uncomfortable under the mask. Keeping the skin clean is important. 
  • Going easy on the skincare routine is also suggested. Scrubbing too much and going awry on toners can cause more problems than bliss. 
  • Trying a lighter skin-care routine may help.
  • Regularly clean your face with a gentle and soft cleanser followed by a light or a non-comedogenic moisturizer. 
  • Products containing ceramides can help heal the skin barrier and also niacinamide, which helps soothe the chaffing or redness caused by the masks. 
  • Choosing the right material for your mask also be the solution from the Maskne. Using a mask that is stitched entirely out of cotton can let your skin breathe unlike masks made of other materials. Silk masks can also feel better as they refrain from friction. 
  • Washing the mask after every wear help maintains cleanliness on the face. 
  • Home remedies or natural DIYs can also prove to help in fighting Maskne. Try a patch of any home remedy you come up with on your hand to check for allergies. A few of them are listed below.

  • Applying apple cider vinegar with water once or twice a day.
  • A paste of turmeric, milk/curd, and chick-pea flour.
  • Applying aloe vera can reduce inflammation.
  • Honey can be combined with either milk or fruits like Avacado or Papaya.
  • Applying essential oils like Tea Tree or Jojoba.
  • Applying green tea bags to your skin.
  • Witch Hazel 
  • Rosemary
  • Rosewater can be reapplied several times a day.
  • A cucumber paste can soothe the inflammation.

  • It is important to treat your skin with love. It is okay to feel the need to cure your skin of anything that causes problems. You can also opt for products that are natural. VANA Botanicals offer a range of skincare products that can help deal with acne or Maskne.

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